Manufacturing Intelligence A. S. Viswanathan August 28th, 2018

Manufacturing Intelligence

Our Approach

IT – OT Integration – Our Solutions

Manufacturing Intelligence and Industry 4.0

Xtrakt™ Software Architecture

Uniqueness of Xtrakt™ hardware

Configurable, Scalable , Simple and Effective

Xtrakt™ is a versatile device performing functions as

  • Data Logger
  • Controller
  • HMI for data entry
  • Interface between IT and OT

Xtrakt™ is designed to handle demanding scenarios seamlessly.

Xtrakt™ bridges the gap where PLC , HMI and SCADA are either overkills or unsuitable. ( e.g. Weighing and dispensing, IPQC)

Xtrakt™ exploits the full potential of latest advancements like sensors in order to extract
Data and does not require costly interface and legacy software licenses.

Xtrakt – All types and Form Factors – Fully configurable and Fully Scalable