Case Studies A. S. Viswanathan July 3rd, 2017

Case Studies

OEM Collaboration

We provide customized solutions for OEMs to get their equipment such as lab equipment, weighing machines, and production machines DIGITALLY ENABLED.

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Customer Case Studies – Pyrolysis

Our client in the pyrolysis industry needed real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure during the pyrolysis cycle and control burners for optimal heating. Outcome: Precise control for opening and closing of Solenoid valves based on pre-configured conditions....

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Customer Case Studies – Data Audit

One client in the Pharmaceutical industry needed a proper analysis of Data flow, identification of Data leakage and a possible revamp of the entire data processing layer. The primary objective was to ensure strict compliance to FDA Regulations as well as to have a...

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Weighing and Dispensing

INLINE COUNTING, WEIGHING, AND PRINTING – HYBRID SYSTEM Our client needed a hybrid system where number of pieces manufactured is captured from the EOL machine, the weight of pieces is measured and a packing label is generated. Outcome: Hybrid system comprising of...

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