Why Manufacturing is not an attractive option for employees in India? (Can India leapfrog into Industry 4.0?- Part 4)

Recently, I met the CEO of a mid-sized corporation and while discussing the impact of Digital technologies, he mentioned that the IT team was not being responsive enough to spot the emerging trends and initiate action. Later on, I talked to the CIO and learnt that the team was currently busy fixing security and integration issues related to the new software for Digital marketing. Apparently, this software was selected by the Marketing team.

Is this an isolated instance? I am afraid not.

Businesses cannot wait anymore. Organisations have begun adopting new technologies like Cloud, Mobile solutions, Social Media and Networked Intelligence, and have realized significant competitive advantage.

In many organisations, the CIOs are not finding the time to steer Digital Transformation. They are more infrastructure and cost management focused instead of addressing the opportunities offered by new technologies.

The position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a response by the industry for speedier adoption of new technologies. What was just a novelty title a couple of years back is now a real option being considered by organisations . Some companies have started assigning a full time executive as the CDO, in addition to the CIO. With possibilities of IT getting more automated and the CDO managing Digital technologies, the CIO role could even get redundant. Most organisations are still undecided about the induction of a CDO and the trend has not picked up steam. At least, not yet.

There is no other person more suited to usher in the Digital era in organisations than the CIO. But one needs to act quickly and preemptively to match the aggressive business demands.

Following tips could be adopted:

  • Exploiting the full potential for IT automation and management of systems
  • Using the freed time to focus on Digital technologies and their adoption
  • Updating one’s knowledge and network to find what the business needs
  • Training and hiring the right talent to be digitally competent
  • Leading the Digital Transformation

CIOs should do this right away, if they are not to be relegated or even made redundant by a new CDO!